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Mr. Atmaram Revne

Mr. Atmaram Revne is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Micro Engineers. Mr. Atmaram is also one of the co- founders of MicroEngineers and has over 25 years of experience in the mfg. industry. Over the years, Mr. Atmaram Revne has been supervising the production and technical activities of the Micro Engineers and has been instrumental in the emergence of ‘Micro’ as a well known brand in the Mechanical industry.1986, Mr. Atmaram Revne developed his vision of applying technology to help stake holders to create better products, which led to the establishment of Micro Engineers.

Mr. Rahul Revne

Mr. Rahul brings more than 5 years of executive finance experience to Micro Engineers. As Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for setting the financial vision for the organization including corporate accounting and tax management, strategic alliances, large deals, formulation of the annual business plan, and improvement in reporting and accounting procedures. Prior to joining Micro Engineers, Mr. Rahul handled successfully the consultancy assignments for more than 20 clients across industries like retail, manufacturing and services. His background includes advising corporations through restructuring, expansion and capital market transactions and providing leadership to drive improved financial performance. Mr. Rahul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in Accountancy & Auditing and he earned an MBA in the area of Finance & Marketing from Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India.

Mr. Jainish Revne

Mr. Jainish Revne, a first generation entrepreneur has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineer & looks after the manufacturing and operations of material handling division and has been instrumental in steering the operations of our material handling division.

Mr. Bhavesh Revne

Mr.Bhavesh Revne expertise in mechanical engineering stands him in good stead to innovate towards achieving cost effective solutions under demanding situations. Mechanical Engineering is the art of creation. He has in him creative excellence refined with productivity oriented management skills. He has the ability to achieve the impossible in Mechanical Engineering, he has contributed critically to the execution of demanding projects. His grappling with steel has been a major factor in the timely completion of many a project.

Capitalizing on our state-of-the-art production facility equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and backed by latest process technology